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Frequently Asked Questions


How long can I store Barefoot Wine & Bubbly after I open it?

Have some Wine left for another time? Just keep the air out by resealing it and you should be good to toast for a week. The celebration can keep going! When storing your uncorked Bubbly, reseal it with an airtight closure and stick it in the fridge. That should help it last at least a week.

What’s a Foot Fan?

Do you love Barefoot Wine & Bubbly? Then you are a Foot Fan! Make sure to join the conversation online. Be our friend through Twitter, Facebook.

Why do your wines not have a year on them?

Age is just a number! And we’re non-vintage so you get your fav Barefoot Wine every single time you make a toast.

Ok, wait. What’s all this wine jargon I keep hearing mean?

It doesn’t matter. You don’t need that here at Barefoot. As long as you’re loving what you’re tasting then the rest of that hoopla is just extra words.

Help! I can’t find Barefoot at my local grocery store.

First, take a deep breath and calm yourself. Then check out our store locator to see if another store near you carries Barefoot. No luck? Give us a call at 800.750.8828 or contact us here. You can always ask your local grocery store to carry Barefoot or place an order through our online store.

Online Store

What if I want to return a purchase?

Really? You want to return Barefoot? If we messed up, we want to make sure we get it right. We’re committed to delivering the right wine, on time, and in optimal condition. If your order isn’t correct, we’ll get it fixed up within one business day. If a refund is necessary, we’ll issue a credit (less the cost of shipping) once the wine is received back at the winery. Make sure to contact us here or call us (800.750.8828) if you need to speak to someone, we’re always ready to help.

What if my address changed or I need to redirect a package?

Make sure your info is accurate. We’re not responsible for lost or misdirected packages (neither is the third party shipping agency) but can help you get it straightened out. And so there are no surprises, a slight fee may be incurred for address corrections while your package is in transit or for reshipping of returned packages. When our wine is delivered, the person accepting it is required to show identification proving they’re 21 or older so make sure you’ve got that covered. Sometimes it best to have shipments delivered to a business address.


How do I become a website member?

Simply click on the JOIN US button in the Dock at the bottom of your browser and fill in your details. You can use one of your existing social account logins to join, e.g. Facebook, or you can create a brand new account with a brand new username and password just for our website. The choice is yours. Remember, if you use one of your social accounts to join, then you'll need to use that social account each time you log back in. For example: if you use Facebook when you join, then you'll need to click on Facebook when you login the next time and each time after that.

How do I update my account info?

It's simple. Just go to the dock at the bottom of the page, make sure you are logged-in, then update your account info.

Oh no! I lost my password.

Don't fret friend, we'll send you a new one. Go to the dock at the bottom of the page and follow the prompts to request a new one.

Why am I unable to cash in my leis?

The Leis program ended on December 31, 2012 and unused Leis are no longer redeemable. If you have questions, please email us.

Our Passions

What is Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue?

Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue is a program we developed with the Surfrider Foundation that helps save the world’s coasts. Learn more about it here.

What is the Surfrider Foundation?

The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps protect the world’s coasts and waterways. They educate people about the issues facing our marine environments. Learn more about them here.

What LGBTQ organizations do you work with?

We’re lucky to have tons of friends in the LGBTQ community and beyond. Check out a few we’re currently hanging with here.

What are Barefooters?

More accurately, who are Barefooters? They’re our feet on the street. Check ‘em out and all the great stuff they do here.

If Jen Wall could be any type of grape, what would she be?

Jen would totally be a Chardonnay grape. Everyone loves Chardonnay and who doesn’t want that?! Plus, Chardonnay is flexible and pairs well, just like Jen.


How do I RSVP for an event?

On the event page just click “Join Us”. In some cases, we may direct you to another site for more information if a detailed RSVP is necessary.

How can I find an event near me?

Use our handy dandy event finder here.


What are “Randy’s Favorites”?

Those are recipes that our Barefooter and fabulous cook, Randy Arnold, loves. That means they’re sure to be great! Check out Randy's current favs here.

How do I submit a recipe?

Just go here and share one with us. You'll find the SUBMIT A RECIPE button under our handy Recipe Finder. Note: you'll need to be logged in as a Member to submit, so make sure to create an account or login to your existing account before clicking.

Why should I submit a recipe?

Because it’s fun!

Photos & Videos

Why can’t I add a photo?

You can. You just can’t do it here. Check out all the fun photos on Facebook and upload one of you Getting Barefoot & Having a Great Time!

How do I find photos from a specific event?

Just visit that event’s page and check out the album link.

Got More Questions?

Still stumped? Ask or call 800.750.8828.

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