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Meet your new favorite summer refreshment! This sweet white wine lemonade is what summers are made of!



What could be better than watching the sunset with a cocktail in your hand?

Product Image Pending for Barefoot

This 2-ingredient sweet treat is a lot like a regular mimosa…

Product Image Pending for Barefoot

This sweet white wine lemonade is what summers are made of!

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This gorgeous cocktail is actually just our deliciously sweet Watermelon Fruitscato...

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If you can’t make it all the way to the beach, our Ocean Water Sangria Cocktail...

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What’s as crisp as the bright winter air? Why, this yummy citrusy sangria, of course!

Strawberry Popsicles

This make-it-your-way Margarita can be crafted with any of our seven Fruitscato flavors! Which will you try first?


This delicious cocktail is sweet, buttery and delightfully refreshing! Pair with your favorite brunch dish for a perfect morning treat.

Jalepeno Chardnilla

This delicious cocktail is inspired by the classic Vanilla Paloma cocktail—just spicier and all-around yummier! 

Barefoot Cranberry Fizz

Feeling bubbly? Mix up a Barefoot Cranberry Fizz cocktail made with our Pride Sweet Rosé Bubbly.

Guava Basil Mimosa

With all due respect to the classic marg, we think we’ve struck gold with this dressed up version! Yum!


Watermelon in October? Yes. So much yes. We like to enjoy our wizard punch in front of an autumn bonfire. But you do you, boo!


Treat your tastebuds to a tropical October getaway with this fruity cocktail featuring our sweet Mango Fruitscato.


Take a bite (figuratively speaking) out of this refreshingly sweet Halloween cocktail as you decorate a fresh batch of witch and werewolf-shaped cookies.


Treat your tastebuds to a tropical October getaway with this fruity cocktail featuring our sweet Mango Fruitscato.

Manzana Spiced Cider

This cocktail is everything we love about classic cider punch with some extra fruity flavors for good measure.


Enjoy this sweet blueberry treat with a refreshing citrus twist while braving your favorite—and most frightening—Halloween flick.


When you set the deliciously fruity flavors of this sweet chiller against the backdrop of a terrifying Halloween adventure, you’ve got everything you need for a perfectly balanced evening!


No matter how you say it, the Kalimotxo is a refreshing way to celebrate, blending the best of Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon with a fizzy splash of cola.

Dr. Cherry Splash

Take in the views while sipping the Dr. Cherry Splash made with Dr. Cherry Cola and Barefoot Sweet Red Blend Wine-To-Go.

Pinot Mule

With our Barefoot Pinot Grigio Wine-To-Go and ginger beer, you’ll delight in how fresh and light the flavor is.

White Wine Sangria

Love dancing the night away and engaging in great conversations? You may also enjoy the White Sangria To-Go!


The Rosė Woo Woo, our delish Rosė Wine-To-Go paired with sparkling cranberry juice, is the perfect cocktail for anyone who loves combining sweet and crisp flavors.

Sauvignon Spritz

Our Sauvignon Spritz to-go, complete with ginger ale and Sauvignon Blanc Wine-To-Go, is just screaming for you to pair it with a delicious meal and fresh air.

Riesling Pink Drink

When summer is in full swing, the Riesling Pink Drink is the perfect addition to a sweet evening beneath the stars.

Moscato Sweet Tea

For the picnic fanatics, enjoy a beautiful spring day with our Moscato Sweet Tea.

Wine-Melon Mojito

You’ve never had a mojito like this! Enjoy this deliciously fruity cocktail with your summer squad.

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