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Barefoot Bubbly: Dry to Sweet Scale
December 5, 2016

Barefoot Bubbly: Dry to Sweet Scale


Which Barefoot Bubbly flavors are dry? Which are sweet? 
There’s only one way to discover where your taste falls on the dry-to-sweet scale: Give Bubbly a go! Whether you find your tastebuds on the dry side, sweet side or somwhere in between, there's a Barefoot Bubbly SOLEmate for you! Here’s how four Barefoot Bubbly flavors fall on the dry to sweet scale: 

Count on a crisp finish from Brut Cuvée, our driest Bubbly that offers a delicious array of citrus notes. Next in line is Extra Dry, a hint sweeter with a creamy finish. 

On the sweet side, Moscato Spumante delivers a juicy tangerine taste and perfumy aroma from Moscato grapes. Move to the extreme sweet side, and you’ll find Pink Moscato. Bursting with sweet, juicy flavor and jasmine perfume from Moscato, Zinfandel and Grenache grapes, Pink Moscato delivers a creamy, berry-drenched flavor.

Wherever your taste falls, we hope you find the perfect Bubbly SOLEmate! See the rest of our Bubbly line-up from sweet to dry here.

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