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Color Your World
March 27, 2017

Color Your World



Throw a Wine & Paint Night at Home

Who says you can’t get artistic with a paintbrush in one hand, wine glass in the other? Invite friends over for Wine & Paint Night! It’s a super-fun and easy way to take gallery night with household objects.

Gather “art supplies,” which are mostly whatever you have around the house. Wine corks, magic markers, paint and tape all qualify as “art supplies.” To make your night extra fun and minimize clean up, pick up a bunch of tiny canvasses at a crafty store. Grab your favorite Barefoot, and unleash your inner Picasso. (Try red wine as a lovely stain on canvas or paper.)

Check below for a few quick ideas to make your Wine & Paint Night a masterpiece!


Making works of art doesn’t have to involve work. Try these quick ideas.


1. Dip. Stamp. Stem. Cherries!

2. Tape. Paint. Untape. Ta-da!


3. Or just paint!

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