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Senses Wine Guide
January 23, 2017

Senses Wine Guide


We believe getting to know a new wine should be a party for your senses. It’s about whether you like the taste, sure. It’s also about what you smell, feel and even see. Picking up your first bottle of Barefoot or wondering if you can cook with an unfamiliar pot luck leftover? This senses wine guide is for you! 

Meet two of our fan favorites: Barefoot Moscato and Barefoot Pinot Noir.



Smells Like


Looks Like

 Bright, shiny lights

Feels Like

 A satin pillow

Tastes Like

 A peach parfait



Pinot Noir:


Smells Like

 Juicy, sweet red cherries

Looks Like

 Deep garnet lipstick

Feels Like

 Silk PJ’s

Tastes Like

 A tangy slice of cherry pie




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