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Sweet & Spicy Rims
June 14, 2017

Sweet & Spicy Rims


Make Cocktails Rocktails with Sweet & Spicy Rims

Rims are the accessories of the cocktail world. Pairing sweet or spicy rims with the right cocktail can dial up the glam of any glass, not to mention taste. Crackly sugar, flaky salt and pops of spice are like getting a kiss of extra flavor with every sip. Follow our quick tips on rimming cocktail glasses for going more fancy dress, less mess. 

Matchy match flavors 

Look to the cocktail recipe for rim flavor cues. If a cocktail calls for coconut cream, rim the glass with coconut flakes. For classics, going for the expected spice or trying something extra special works either way. Salt is the go-to rim for margaritas, sure. For a spicy twist, try kicking up the heat with Kosher salt and chili powder.

If you’re making a cocktail that deep dives chocolate, try a cocoa rim or better yet, a spicy cocoa-chili rim. Sugary rims are all the rage for turning the corner from cocktail to dessert in a glass. By sugary, we mean everything from standard sugar in a pinch to sprinkly decorative sugars and crushed candy. Seriously, you can take nearly anything to the rim.

Rethink the “glue”

When it comes to adhering spice to glass, mirroring a flavor in the recipe is always a win. Lemon and lime juice do a fine job suspending salt granules on the glass. Juices in the cocktail also work. But if you need heavy lifting for rimming with crushed candies, cake decorations or heavy granulated sugars, bring on the corn syrup. It works wonders keeping a halo of sugar-encrusted heaven on the glass. 

Dip or roll?

Set up a little rim prep station. You’ll need two saucers, one for your liquid “glue” and one for the sugar or spice of your choice. The goal is to keep sugar or spice more on the outside of the glass than inside. Some people are diehard dippers; some swear by the roll method. To dip, turn the glass over, dip in liquid, then stamp in spice or sugar. To roll, turn the glass sideways, and roll the edge of the rim in liquid. Keep on rolling right through your sugar or spice. Nice! (You could totally see that coming, right?)

Give rims a shot

For your instant cocktail and rim gratification, we’ve paired five delectable Barefoot Wine cocktail recipes with five rim toppings. 

Sugar rim

Strawberries & Cream

Salt rim

Cinco de Spritzer

Cocoa-chili rim

Very Berry Chocolate Martini

Coconut rim

Blueberry Colada

Sprinkle rim

Cake Break

Cheers to making mixing and matching rims to cocktails your crowning achievement! Let us know what fanciful combinations you invent.

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