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Taking PRIDE in our stride for 25 years
July 15, 2016

Taking PRIDE in our stride for 25 years


At Barefoot Wine, we live by the footprint we leave behind—whether we tread lighter on the beach or walk beside our friends. We believe every footprint is the same, no matter who you are or whom you love. For over 25 years, we’ve danced, poured wine and, most recently, celebrated the one-year anniversary of marriage equality with the LGBT community. This year, as PRIDE continues around the country, we look back at the footprints we’ve made with the LGBT community with nothing but PRIDE.

1988 Barefoot makes its first donation to an LGBT charity.

1990 Barefoot’s first brand ambassador, Randy Arnold, joined the team and started sharing his love for Barefoot with the LGBT community.


2008 In super-size support of marriage equality, Barefoot donates $500 to every LGBT community center in California.

2011 Barefoot celebrates the marriage equality victory in New York.

2012 To celebrate LGBT History Month, Barefoot partners with an artist to create a PRIDE Tribute Mural in San Francisco.

2014 Barefoot sponsors World Pride in Toronto, carrying an 80 foot-long banner in the PRIDE parade. The banner consisted of hundreds of rainbow colored footprints, allowing Barefoot fans to leave their mark.

2016 Barefoot toasts with the LGBT community in honor of the one year anniversary of marriage equality!

Ongoing Barefooters around the world show the brand’s support of the LGBT community through marching in parades, pouring at PRIDE festivals or supporting LGBT non-profit organizations. For the first time, they sat down with us and shared why supporting the LGBT community is close to their hearts.


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