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Thanksgiving Pairings
November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Pairings


Turkey Day is almost here! Juicy turkey with salty, crunchy skin. Creamy mashed potatoes. Gravy! With a dish-a-palooza of flavors, picking out a wine for you and guests can feel a little overwhelming. No worries! Below is a handy guide on the Barefoot Wines that accen-TOE-ate the salty, creamy, sweet flavors of a Thanksgiving feast! We’ve picked a solemate for every plate. Happy Thanksgiving!





Bubbly Extra Dry

Moscato Spritzer

Summer Red Spritzer

Mashed potatoes



Bubbly Prosecco


Creamy green beans



Pumpkin pie

Bubbly Extra Dry

Bubbly Prosecco

Bubbly Moscato Spumante

Apple pie

Bubbly Extra Dry

Bubbly Prosecco

Bubbly Moscato Spumante


Sweet Red

Rich Red Blend

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