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Wine + Cookie Pairings
December 12, 2016

Wine + Cookie Pairings


Move over, milk! We've got the ultimate wine & cookie guide

Break past the cookies and milk standard, and discover a sweet surprise: holiday cookies are delicious with Barefoot Wine! Tiny windowpanes of fruity jelly are a hit with equally sweet berries of Pink Moscato Bubbly. Sugar cookies get a twinkly kick from the crisp bubbles of Extra Dry Bubbly while Moscato dials up the sugary sweetness of the little bites. Must-have spicy gingerbread men get balanced with orange blossom-tinted sweetness of Brut Cuvée Bubbly and Riesling. Rich, buttery shortbread gets dialed-up with the sweet vanilla of Chardonnay and crisp finish of Brut Cuvée. Any way the cookie crumbles, Barefoot has a wine (and Bubbly!) that highlights every bite.

Looking for wine + candy pairings? Look no further, here's our wine & candy guide

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