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June 1, 2017



Can you take Barefoot on summer adventures? Yeah You Can! 

Lounging by the pool, climbing mountains or just hanging with your friends are all perfect for Barefoot Spritzers in cans! Totally portable and incredibly delicious, Crisp White, Summer Red, Rosé and Moscato Spritzer go wherever you do. We want to see! Send us a post-can, and you could have your shots shared on @barefootwine or win awesome prizes!


1. Take a summer adventure. Snap a picture with your Barefoot Refresh can in hand!

2. Upload to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the tag #YeahYouCan and @BarefootWine


Be sure to follow @barefootwine on Instagram and view to see all of the places people are taking Barefoot Refresh Spritzer cans this summer! 



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