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For nearly 35 years, Barefoot has been a committed ally of the LGBTQ+ community.

Through donations to LGBTQ+ causes, Pride marches, and supporting LGBTQ+ employees, Barefoot has never wavered in the belief that everyone should be accepted for who they are.

Barefoot Bubbly Sweet Rosé Pride

We’re celebrating Pride in some of the best ways we know how—by supporting LGBTQ+ causes and our Barefoot Bubbly Sweet Rosé Pride edition! It’s the wine with the same juicy taste you know and love, with a package inspired by the importance of connection, with a special focus on non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals. Whatever your pronouns are, we see you, we hear you and we support you! They, She, Ze or He, we support all people regardless of what labels they do or don’t identify as.

Join us by celebrating Pride every day, living with or without whatever labels we choose, and most importantly, loving exactly who we are.

LGBTQ+ Charitable Partnerships


In 2015, at the Oklahoma City Pride Festival, Sara Cunningham opened her arms to over one hundred LGBTQIA+ individuals who, for many, had been rejected by their own families for coming out. The impact was so great that she started Free Mom Hugs, a now thriving non-profit organization, with chapters in all 50 states, and a vast network of not just moms, but dads, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, and friends.

Barefoot Bubbly is proud to support an organization that loves and empowers the LGBTQIA+ community. Through public speaking engagements, collaboration with local and national organizations, participation in Pride events, and educational programs, Free Mom Hugs embodies what our brand values and believes. That’s why Barefoot is donating $60,000 to Free Mom Hugs to support their mission in celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community through visibility, conversation and education.

Free Mom Hugs

The National Center for Transgender Equality

The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) advocates to change policies and society to increase understanding and acceptance of transgender people. They created the landmark U.S. Transgender Survey in association with the LGBTQ+ Task Force—the first, most comprehensive study to quantify transgender people’s experiences in employment, healthcare, and other areas of life.

$1 of every case shipped* of our Barefoot Bubbly Sweet Rosé Pride 2023 edition will be donated to NCTE. Make this Pride Month extra sweet and join us in supporting NCTE.

*Up to $60,000.

Your pride looks good on you


Over thirty years ago, we set out to make wine for
everyone, spreading inclusivity and positivity to wine lovers
everywhere — no matter who you are or who you love.