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Coach B Coach B

Get Ready to Cheer(s)

Wine and football are an all-star team. Make big plays in the postseason with the wine that’s changing the game.

 See us in-stadium next season with these teams below!

Wine + football

America’s most loved wine brand has teamed up with America’s favorite sport. Both are fun and easy to enjoy, so enjoy them together! There’s a whole lineup of wines to go with every type of food and every type of fan. There are no rules in this game with Barefoot, so have fun with it!

Why Wine + Football Why Wine + Football

Roll the Tape!

Take a look back at last season’s all-star wines, food pairings, sweeps, socials, and of course, great pep talks from Coach B.

Party Like a Pro

The season may be over, but our game day inspo isn’t going anywhere. Keep those party skills sharp during the offseason!

Product Image Pending for Barefoot

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Down, Set, Get Social



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