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Wine Wiz

Wine Wiz?

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You've Got
Great Taste

You know wine, and we’re thrilled to be your wine of choice. Make that multiple-choice. And with our sizeable selection of wines, there’s a Barefoot flavor for you, no matter your mood or occasion. There might even be a few that you haven’t tried yet. At Barefoot, we believe wine should be a source of enjoyment, not intimidation. So, let's explore wine’s fun and flavorful side. 

You've got great taste You've got great taste
Winemaker Winemaker

Take it From Our Winemaker

We asked Jen Wall, our winemaker for over 25 years, to give us her take on a few of our most popular wines. “For all Barefoot wines, the most important part of my role is to make sure the fruit character of the wine comes through, I want to make sure my wines surprise and delight you with consistent quality and expression.”

Our most popular wines will surprise and delight. Scroll to check them out!


“Chardonnay is one of my favorite wines to make because I let the fruit define the style. It has a round and creamy mouthfeel, rich tastes and aromas, and just a hint of oak. It’s a food-friendly, balanced wine with notes of green apple and pineapple.” -Jen Wall, Winemaker

Cabernet Sauvignon

“The fruit is the hero for Barefoot Cabernet. I love its velvety plushness and notes of blackberry and black currant. Like all our wines, we harvest the grapes in the middle of the night to retain their fruit characteristics. For Cab, I look for ripe fruit, soft grape skins and mature seeds.” Yes! Wine grapes have seeds! -Jen Wall, Winemaker

Brut Cuvée

“Our Brut is made from Chardonnay, the traditional Champagne grape. It’s the driest wine in the Bubbly line-up and makes a great food companion and an excellent mixer for cocktails. Its fruit-forward, vibrant character reminds me of fresh-sliced apples, tree-ripened peaches, and tropical fruits.” -Jen Wall, Winemaker


“When making Moscato, I retain some of the natural fruit sweetness. It’s juicy, sweet, and so delicious that you may want a second glass! This beautifully balanced wine has notes of honeysuckle and sweet citrus. I love it with spicy foods like chili to help quell the heat.”  -Jen Wall, Winemaker

What’s Up with the French Words?

Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir…you get the gist. These wines are named after the grapes used to make them, many of which originated in France. Just to keep it interesting (cough, or confusing, cough), in France, these wines are not named after the type of grape but the region where they are grown – Bordeaux for Cabernet and Burgundy for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Worth the Squeeze

Fun fact: Red wine grapes don’t have red juice. Grape juice is clear! Red wine gets its color by fermenting the juice in contact with its red grape skins. Don’t believe us? Next time you’re snacking on grapes, squeeze out the juice and see for yourself.

Worth the Squeeze Worth the Squeeze
Sniff Check Sniff Check

Sniff Check

Before you take that first sip, consider giving your wine a sniff. Ask yourself, “What does this remind me of?” You might think of a fruit, a spice or even an experience, like walking through a forest. We all love different foods and we all have different experiences, so you might smell a wine and think, “No way do I smell boysenberry here!” And we are here to tell you, you’d be 100% right! Because that’s your experience.

How to Pair

Like best friends, wine and food complement each other and bring their ideal qualities. We asked our winemaker, Jen Wall, for her top pairings picks, and the results are mouthwatering! Try Jen’s recommendation and have some fun with your own pairings! 

Cabernet Sauvignon + Cheeseburger 

A classic pairing. Cabernet’s rich mouthfeel and bold flavors are weighty enough to stand up to a burger, while the cheese makes the wine extra-extra-smooth.

Grab the Cab

Bubbly Brut Cuvée + Chicken Tenders

Drop the mic for this ultimate pairing. Brut Cuvée’s crisp, refreshing finish and vibrant bubbles amplify the crunchy goodness of chicken tenders.

Pop the Bubbly

Pinot Grigio + pizza

Pineapple on pizza? That’s still up for debate, but there’s no question that it goes great with Pinot Grigio. Our Pinot Grigio’s fresh fruit and floral aromas play nicely with pizza, no matter how you top it.

Grab the Grigio