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Pop Your Next Bottle of Sparkling Wine Like a Pro!

Opening a bottle of Bubbly is a celebratory act, but it is also somewhat methodical. Whether you’re opening a cold bottle of Brut Cuvée, Bubbly Pink Moscato, or Champagne with a capital C, the technique is the same. Follow these simple steps and let the bubbles flow.

Step 1

Remove the foil that covers the cork. Insider tip: Most sparkling wine bottles have a tiny tab you can pull to cleanly remove the foil “capsule.”

How to open bubbly step 1

Step 2

Place a kitchen towel over the top of the bottle and point the bottle at an angle away from you, just in case the cork is ready to pop out. Hold the cloth down against the neck of the bottle, then twist the wire key to remove the cage. Insider tip: make sure your bottle is icy-cold, to relieve some of the pressure built up in the bottle.

How to open bubbly step 2

Step 3

Slowly but firmly twist the bottle (back and forth or round and round) while keeping a firm grip on the cloth and cork. Then, gently “pop” out the cork. Insider tip: the quieter the pop, the more fizz you retain in the bottle.

How to Open Bubbly Step 3


You did it! Remember to pour the wine slowly to avoid overfilling your glass. Cheers!

How to Open Bubbly ENJOY!
Enjoy bubbly!