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Product Image Pending for Barefoot

How to Pick the Perfect Starting Wineup for Game Day

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Product Image Pending for Barefoot

Flaunt your team spirit with the ultimate NFL team fan cave.

Product Image Pending for Barefoot

We know you work hard. That’s why we’re here to remind you to pause, reset and have a little fun!

Product Image Pending for Barefoot

Are you all work and no play? Listen—we totally appreciate the hustle. But what’s the point of working hard if you never take a break?


Monster Marg Cocktail Recipe

How does one improve a margarita? Just add wine! Serve this ghoulish cocktail at your next Halloween party for a spooky, delicious treat that everyone will enjoy.


Sometimes you just need a jewel-toned cocktail to really color up your day. This delicious, bubbly treat is topped off with our fruity Brut Rosé for a perfectly effervescent pop in every sip.

Berry Blast

This bright & breezy cocktail has all the flavor—none of the guilt! Featuring our lower-calorie, lower-alcohol Pinot Grigio, you can feel good about making a lighter choice.